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What to Expect and What you Need


Sky Lodge Christian Camp

N4855 County Road Y

Montello, WI

*Follow the sign that will be up at the NORTH END DRIVEWAY of the property to travel back to the parking lot for the gymnasium.


Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays


(changes or modifications, if any, will be announced)


  • Wrestling Shoes - REQUIRED on the mats and NEVER to be worn outside! We will have a tote of used shoes in various sizes for anyone who may need to borrow a pair. If you have shoes to donate, we welcome you to add them to the bin. Street shoes are NOT ALLOWED on the mats, EVER.

  • Head Gear - REQUIRED when live wrestling. ALWAYS. Cauliflower ear is not cool.

  • Athletic shorts/pants and t-shirt - REQUIRED for practice.

  • Singlets are the uniform for tournaments. More information on singlets coming soon.

  • Mouth Guard - Personal choice, but is REQUIRED AT TOURNAMENTS for wrestlers with orthodontic braces.


BYA Wrestling, Inc. takes hygiene seriously. This is to protect you and your teammates. Please read below and adhere to the following club policies.

  • Wrestling Mats - The mats are cleaned after each and every practice/tournament. Volunteers are needed after each practice to make this happen as swiftly and efficiently as possible. Supplies are provided. Human power is needed.

  • Shoes - Wrestling shoes should NEVER be worn outside! Street shoes must stay off the mats for hygiene and to save the mats. Whatever you step in outside will end up on the mats and that is where your wrestler(s) is practicing (yuck!). This policy is not only for wrestlers, but coaches and parents as well.

  • Shower - We highly recommend wrestlers shower after each practice and tournament with an antibacterial soap.

  • Fingernails - Wrestlers MUST keep their nails short. This is for their partner's protection and their own germ protection. At tournaments fingernails will be checked for length. A referee can stop a match to make a wrestler clip his/her nails, or DQ them.

  • Cutting Weight - Is NOT ALLOWED at BYA Wrestling, Inc. We will occasionally weigh wrestlers as needed to assure they will be placed in the appropriate weight class for tournaments.

  • Skin Disorders/Communicable Diseases - Are NOT ALLOWED at BYA Wrestling, Inc. Any wrestlers with a communicable skin condition will not be allowed to participate in practice/matches until we have been issued a note from the wrestler's physician allowing them to participate.

  • Illness/Fever/COVID - If your wrestler is not feeling well, PLEASE TO NOT SEND HIM/HER TO PRACTICE OR A TOURNAMENT TO COMPETE. The health and safety of your wrestler is always our top priority.


  • The Coaches at BYA Wrestling are all USA Wrestling Copper Certified, VOLUNTEERS.

  • The Coaches at BYA Wrestling strive to make practice educational and enjoyable for all wrestlers, while expecting each child to put forth their best effort.

  • Wrestlers should wear t-shirts and comfortable athletic shorts/pants and wrestling shoes.


  • Practices will begin promptly at 6PM with warm-ups, conditioning exercises (i.e. jogging, stretching, push-ups, crunches, etc.). This is followed by technique demonstrations by the coaches, followed by practicing the demonstrated moves with a partner. Each child will be paired with another child of comparable weight and skill. Some practice may include live wrestling or games. The layout of each practice is determined by the Coaches and the Wrestling Director.

  • Wrestlers are expected to listen and be respectful during practice so as not to distract the coaches and or other wrestlers (as outlined in the Wrestlers Code of Conduct).

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